Video Work

Orlando Sentinel: Enginehead Interview Videos

As part of my position at the Orlando Sentinel’s interactive group, I was tasked with creating a weekly interview-style montage video of a local car enthusiast and his pride and joy. In most cases, I was responsible for: recording the footage of the car, B-roll of the car driving, and the interview; micing the interviewer and capturing the audio; photographing the car and the individual for a photo gallery to accompany the video; identify the 10-15 best photos, edit them, and post them to the Orlando Sentinel’s CMS; and capture the audio and video, edit it together on an Avid or Final Cut machine, and post the video to the CMS.

I have many examples of this work: here are some links to the above-mentioned material.

All video was edited in Avid, Final Cut Pro, or Premiere Pro. All photos were edited in Photoshop.