• Type: Website
  • Language: PHP
  • Framework: None
  • Authentication: Integrated
  • Data Source: SQL Database


This project was largely self-initiated. As with many problems at UCF, my task arose from a former student assistant’s bad and incomplete code. Rather than tip-toe around it and poke and prod as necessary, I decided to take up a sprint to rewrite the database front-end and accompanying student-facing site.


As we had yet to adopt a PHP framework, the CRUD for each table was developed by hand, with a few helper functions that matched httpPost values with SQL table columns for create and edit pushes.


For the public event submission form, I was able to discover an API to UCF’s campus map, consume it as JSON, parse out the list of buildings, and make that a required choice for the event. Once the event was approved and posted, public users could then discover the location of the event through a link to the campus map.

As each event was displayable as both a master event and a single session of a master event, I was able to integrate each with a “Post to Facebook” and “Post to Twitter” button, allowing a social layer of connection to the program’s social networking presences.

Finally, we developed some icons that allowed event categories to be associated with a color, allowing users to quickly determine differences.


Sometimes, throwing away the remnants of a bad idea and starting fresh is the best way to go, despite the time commitment. The resulting application has survived with no changes for years now–a testament to the customer’s satisfaction with the user experience.

By radicoon

Internet Raccoon™️