SDES IT: Honor Emailer (C#)

  • Type: Single-Use Website
  • Language: C#
  • Framework: MVC 3
  • Authentication: Integrated
  • Data Source: Plain Text Files


The “Honor Your Knighthood”, despite having the most unfortunate name ever, alerts students and parents via email throughout the year as to the deadlines of modules all freshman must complete upon entering UCF. Although there were many other ways to accomplish this, they demanded an application from our development group to allow them to email static emails to a variable group of addresses on demand.


Wanting to get back into MVC, I fired up VS2010 and MVC3 and cranked this small application out in a couple of days. The application, once authenticated against Active Directory, would allow the user to select from a prepared list of available emails, specify a set of addresses to email (either by direct input or CSV), and verify both (after parsing each input as a valid email). The application forced all emails to a BCC field to avoid revealing sensitive data.


Using HTML from text files for the email bodies allowed for quick additions and new emails to be added to the system within minutes. The MVC framework also allowed me to easily force authentication for programmatic logic while allowing anonymous users to touch the assets within the application (images, documents, etc.).


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By radicoon

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