SDES Directory (C#)

  • Type: Website
  • Language: C#
  • Framework: MVC 3 and Entity Framework 4
  • Authentication: None
  • Data Source: SQL Database


In collaboration with UCF Marketing, I developed a JSON model to store basic directory information on all our division’s departments and offices, including hours of operation, location, phone, fax, etc. JSON, however, was not designed to be stored in a flat file, so I got clearance to recreate the model as a SQL database and .NET MVC application.


I designed a SQL schema to match the existing JSON model and migrated the data to the database. I then developed an MVC3 application (with a default and admin Area) to allow edits to the data, allow the public to view the data in an ordered fashion (and submit changes via an email form), and allow any public developer to read a generated JSON feed of the data.


The app itself is pretty simple, but the definite takeaway from this application was the implementation of OutputCache on the controllers. Knowing that the JSON would be consumed by UCF Marketing and most of our sites, I was able to easily implement an application-level cache of the feed so that it loaded instantly and structured updates to the data at a set interval.


Small, good ideas work! Sometimes a full-on application seems like overkill for a simple idea, but if that simple idea saves hours a week, then it’s clearly worth it.

SDES Directory (C#)

By radicoon

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