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New iPhone! Pre-ordered mine Friday morning, 3:08am: 7, Black, 128GB. Stepping down from my 6S Plus (sorry telephoto). A second camera isn’t enough to justify 1/3 more weight for my tiny baby hands. I am a little salty about missing out on that extra gig of RAM though.

I couldn’t care less about the headphone jack. Bose Bluetooth headphones at work, a UE Boom and an Echo at home, Bluetooth in the car (or even better, CarPlay: audio and charging with one cable!). An acceptable trade-off for a future with more component space in these wonderful little technology miracles. I hesitated for so long before purchasing the Bose I use for at least four hours a day at work, and the move to wireless is worth any pain. It’s just such a vastly better experience. It’s worth forcing.


Despite being the butt of jokes, dude, these AirPods. Bluetooth headphones, no wires, incredible battery life for essentially no mass. 3 hours of playback after 15 minutes of charging. I can’t think of a better companion for the occasional stroll through a retail store or a client call. It solves all of the problems in that space: size, charging, storage, pairing, phone calls, music, and UI. Unless the audio quality turns out to be poor, I can’t see myself passing on these.

You’d think the internet outrage at any change, any sacrifice, or any improvement to anything anyone cares about would bounce off me at this point. No, Apple didn’t do a “stupid” thing, or a “wrong” thing. They made a choice and now they have to live with it, for better or for worse. People are not “idiots” for appreciating something that you don’t. People aren’t “ill-informed” if they make a choice contrary to yours.

Die-hard fans feel as if their passion is proof of their studied and honed opinions, that somehow they’re more valid than the next. Something about the internet seems to make people feel more die-hard than they really are.

I like Apple phones. This is the next, best Apple phone, and I’m pretty damn excited to have it. I realize it’s an incremental improvement, and I’m more than fine with what it is. Now let’s see some Mac updates!

By radicoon

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