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Birthday Weekend 2018

Another year, another birthday! Because it worked so well as an alternative to the Super Bowl, I held another limited Halo LAN party to celebrate. The afternoon and night were filled with Slayer, Hog Heaven, and terrible attempts at custom game types we always found some way to break. Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer continues to feel like one of the best LAN experiences available.

The next morning Rob and I woke up early and met up with Ty at the Sanford airport to graciously accept an offer to fly up to Saint Simons Island, GA in a small prop plane—the first time I’ve flown like that since I was in single digits (and the first time ever for Rob).

It turned out to be a complete blast! Literally—it was the day after a cold front moved through, leaving us with beautiful weather and strong winds. After a thorough preflight inspection, we squeezed into the cockpit, ran through a takeoff checklist, taxied to the runway, and, with my stomach in knots, floated into the air.

We fought strong headwinds all the way to Georgia, taking a detour to Cape Canaveral to see the shuttle building and landing runway. Our direct path was up the Atlantic coast, and along the way we spotted many familiar landmarks as Ty spoke another language to every major tower we passed.

Once into Georgia we spotted Jekyll Island, the barrier island just south of our destination (and where Rob first showed off his just-acquired bike-riding skills only 18 months ago). The approach to the small, tower-less airport on Saint Simons was winding and fraught with turbulence—the plane pivoting from side to side all the way to touchdown (we survived).

Our destination: Southern Soul BBQ

After climbing out of the plane, we stowed our stuff and walked a quarter mile to our real destination: Southern Soul BBQ (I’ve mentioned it a few times). A half rack of ribs, a cup of Mac and cheese, and a handful of fries later, we caught a ride to a bike rental place and spent the beautiful afternoon working off our lunches, climbing over the series of bridges that connect the island to the mainland in Brunswick, GA. There and back we covered about 13 miles, having to walk the poor bikes over the largest bridge on the way back (the added wind gusts were too much to overcome).

The flight back was uneventful but nonetheless interesting. We had a windy landing just as rough on the second attempt, but it was more exciting and less life-flashing-before-my-eyes panic. I really enjoyed the headsets and private comms between passengers: it’s just as cool as you expect it to be. Thanks to Ty for the awesome opportunity, and thanks to all who wished me well and made me feel special on my birthday.

Sneaking some quick updates into this blog:

  • I launched my new portfolio site!
  • Picked up an iPhone XS and a new Apple Watch! My annual splurge on tech.
  • I went to see CHVRCHES in Asheville on a fun little trip! Expect a small blog on that soon.
  • I read through Being Geek (finally) in preparation for trying to re-enter the job market. If you’re a coder or anything adjacent, I’d recommend picking it up! It’s a good reference for practical situations you’ll find yourself in.
  • A few days after release (which is just a few days too many for the internet), I played through and thoroughly enjoyed Delta Rune. I doubt I need to tell you to give it a try, but it was a nice, cozy few hours I’ll remember for a good bit.

I’m working on a handful of other posts, stay tuned! And as always, thanks for reading. It means a lot to me. 🦝

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