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Blue Ridge 2018: The Hikes

Hey all! For anyone interested in some Blue Ridge hiking guidance, here are all of the hikes Rob and I did on our annual October Blue Ridge trip this year, ordered chronologically and labeled with our distance and elevation gain. These differ a little bit from the published info (we sometimes combined trails and extended them).

We accomplished a pretty large increase in our hiking distance this year: 79.5mi, up from 55.4mi. I don’t know if my poor aching IT bands could take much more, but it didn’t feel all that crazy!

  1. Sam Knob (2.5mi, 557ft)
  2. Cat Gap Loop to John Rock (6.2mi, 1154ft)
  3. Grassy Creek Falls (1.8mi, 400ft)
  4. Crabtree Falls Loop (2.6mi, 577ft)
  5. Trout Lake Carriage (3.3mi, 300ft)
  6. Rich Mountain Carriage / Deer Park Loop (5.3mi, 756ft)
  7. Cascades / Tompkins (2.3mi, 272ft)
  8. Rough Ridge (1.5mi, 362ft)
  9. Bass Lake Loop (1mi, 20ft)
  10. Black Ridge Loop (3mi, 574ft)
  11. Fisher Peak Loop (2.2mi, 233ft)
  12. Bass Lake Loop Extended (2.8mi, 170ft)
  13. Price Lake Loop (2.2mi, 72ft)
  14. Elk Knob Summit (4mi, 971ft)
  15. Green Knob Loop (2mi, 515ft)

I didn’t get around to writing a timely post about the trip back in October (sad) and it seems a little late now. Instead, some statistics and awards:

  • Trips to Southern Soul: 3
  • Best breakfast at 6am in the hotel parking lot: Waffle House
  • Most disappointing rock to climb in the fog: John Rock
  • Deer seen running through field at Crabtree Falls: 7
  • Best shortcut: those rhododendron bushes (you know who you are)
  • Number of car tires replaced: 2
  • Best french toast: Fugasa @ The Village Cafe
  • Most pointless trail: Deer Park Loop
  • Best escalating-tension midnight hike by the light of two iPhones: Bass Lake
  • Best cows: Rocky Knob (sorry Moses Cone cows, maybe next year)
  • Best food in Galax, VA that is way better than it has any right to be: Twisted Fork
  • Best knob to run down before the sun sets: Elk Knob
  • Best treat to break in half with an evil laugh: Starbucks raccoon cookie
  • Meat Southern Soul will be out of: everything but sausage
  • Chance we’ll soon be back, and in greater numbers: 100%

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