Mario Maker 2: Inaugural Jam

Last Thursday (our typical game night), instead of fireworks and flags, we took advantage of the release of Super Mario Maker 2 to host a little game jam! Ever since the original Mario Maker on Wii U I’ve had fantasies of having little game jams where we all create level designs with some constraints. For our initial attempt at a jam, we gave three randomly-assigned traits (game type, level type, style) to each participant and broke for an hour to create levels.

Once the timer sounded, we uploaded and validated our creations and took turns trying them out. Below are each of the levels and their codes:

Lokai: “I’m a Bwooper” (0DK-B5B-01H)

Random Roll: Mario 1, Underwater, Single-Focus: Bloopers

DoobiePup: “Boom Boom’s Battleship” (42M-LWL-0KF)

Random Roll: Mario 3, Airship, Aesthetic

Badgerdog: “Flesh-Eating Cheeps of Antiquity” (GH1-3TP-KYF)

Random Roll: Mario World, Airship, Aesthetic

Me: “Steady Does It” (D04-2N7-V5G)

Random Roll: Mario 1, Ground, Single-Focus: See-saw

Lokai: “8 Track” (6Y4-4H1-CCG)

Random Roll: Mario 1, Ground, Single-Focus: Tracks

DoobiePup: “Purrrdy Sharp” (L7G-LJR-HLG)

Random Roll: Mario 3D World, Castle, Single-Focus: Spike Blocks

Badgerdog: “In Meowser’s Throne Room” (VH6-KNV-81G)

Random Roll: Mario 3D World, Castle, Traditional

Me: “Mole-dy Treehouse” (VY3-BWX-0PF)

Random Roll: New Mario, Jungle, Aesthetic

All in all, the style of jam worked pretty well! We need to better respect the time limits (so everyone’s in sync and we can get more levels into one jam) and we probably need to refine how we play through everything after creation time, but it was a total blast and I can’t wait to do it again! 🐾

PS: Our Maker IDs:

  • Me: GCG-9QN-TMG
  • Lokai: 98Q-9BB-NHF
  • DoobiePup: WPX-WLW-DJG
  • Badgerdog: 1XJ-XJN-WWF

By radicoon

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