Last Year, Last Decade

Hiking around the woods after midnight with strangers. Kayaking over lunch at work. Giving my springs book to friends and family. Wearing shortalls with a smile to Medieval Times. Climbing a mountain in a blustering rainstorm. Pokémon card pre-releases at 33. Making new friends the best I know how.

Covering my laptop in expressive, cute animal stickers. Succeeding in channeling anguish about my job into something positive. The continued joy of roguelikes. Garage sales and hot dogs. Walking everywhere, more and more. Driving my partner home. Seeing him cry leaving his friends. Getting paid everything you asked for, for once.

Braving sheets of rain and dark buses to experience night football. Hiking mountains and eating pasta with my friends. Becoming recognizable locals in a new locale. Riding bikes by head lamps and prayer. Breaking the mold at work. Flying solo to furry Chicago. Holiday traditions, the good ones and the trying ones. Starting the last chapter of my life here.

2010: Our first cat, Bombadil; Ichetucknee Springs with tons of friends; my first new car, the 2010 Honda Fit; discovering Chimentos; kayaking with my brother to Three Sisters Springs; a much smaller MFF; swimming with some random manatees at Wakulla after Christmas

2011: Jetski-ing the Suwannee to springs with Ty; Rob graduating college; the panhandle canoe trip with Vic; the crazy fall and Xmas Eve launch of the RWC site

2012: Elliots Spring Gathering at the fancy hotel near Disney; a normal, everyday presidential election; my first Blue Ridge trip as an adult and with Rob after Christmas (Asheville)

2013: iCloud Photo starts! 100,000 GamerScore™️ on Xbox Live; Getting to redo all of UCF’s Registrar’s Office web content for the first time in a decade; buying our first house; discovering and falling for Fez; becoming a manager

2014: Discovering MLP and the CCG with Rob; attending my first work conference (TechEd); attending the Sony E3 presser in a movie theater; crunching on my six-month budget app through July; the front-room leak and subsequent planting of new landscaping

2015: Proposing at Fort Wilderness with the Watch; playing the MLPCCG in full force; playing Spelunky HD (a lot); flying to New Hampshire to see Trademark, to Seattle to see LB and Mukian, and to San Jose to see Chance; meeting my ex in a DC airport and taking horrible / cathartic selfies; our first annual October Blue Ridge trip; my crazy MLP-themed 30th birthday party complete with Pinkie Pie piñata

2016: The sinus infection that gave me time to fall in love with The Witness; moving my parents out of my childhood home; our trip to BLFC and Lake Tahoe; an impromptu trip to Ichetucknee with Fuji and friends; the infamous “Student Services” WordPress project; Pokemon Go; getting my PMP certification, somehow, during my Trump election panic attack aftershocks

2017: Rob learned how to ride a bike; our Jekyll Island trip to ride bike; counting calories; an epic road trip from Michigan to Florida; building the LEAD Scholars app after literally years of asking permission; the perfect Cedar Key trip and Rob’s surprise Dunkin birthday party; Hurricane Irma; surprising Rob with Hamilton tickets at MFF; finishing our state parks passport in the Keys; seeing Rockapella at Christmas

2018: Visiting San Jose, Tahoe and BLFC again; a surprise PixelJunk Monsters 2 release!; my first adult real concert adventure to see CHVRCHES; flying with Ty to eat at Southern Soul and ride bikes; finishing and publishing my grandpa’s Oral History project; purchasing our first SUV; taking a friend to see Rockapella for Christmas

2019: See above ;)

I wish you all a super healthy and awesome next decade! Next up: goals for 2020. It’s a hell of a year! Gotta make some goals to rise to that challenge. See you all online 🐾

Hiking the Boone Fork Trail

By radicoon

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