Why I Write

This pandemic has taken my mind to a lot of places and other temporary pursuits, so I figured it was time to come back to the trusty ol’ blog and write something about writing to get me back in the groove.

I write because: I cherish the opportunity to be understood. I love sitting down to focus, losing myself in my own head, blocking out the world and recording my thoughts. Writing allows others in, into the details that make me a tangible person when they otherwise can’t, due to distance or time.

I write because: I want to live in other worlds, real and imaginary, through a medium that naturally obscures every other bad thing in my mind with the simplest tools.

I write because: I miss LiveJournal. It was a fascinating look into my friends’ (and potential friends’) lives and was always so rich and full of special, individual details. These days, social media has become a performance medium, and writing trades the public badges of success and performance metrics of faves, likes, and retweets for personal follow-ups with friends.

I write because: online community tools, despite consolidation, have all but removed my ability to understand others or be understood. Writing is how I push back: by being out there trying my best, being the change I want to see, and being an example for others to emulate.

I write because: I want to search for what’s possible when I focus on quality over quantity and depth instead of breadth. I don’t want to succumb to a life where writing feels unreachable or pretentious.

I write because: creating a record of myself is fun, interesting, fulfilling, and instructive to future me to see how I’ve grown, how I’ve changed, what I used to be happy about, and how happy I’ve become.

I write because: it allows others to hold me accountable for the things I say I want to accomplish. It connects me with friends when I’m doing something right, and challenges me with friends who disagree with me when I don’t make any sense.

I write because: it keeps me grounded to my past, to my inner voice, and to some kind of reality. It helps me reject the temptation and addiction of the churn of online drama and all other things completely outside my control that the internet is so good at convincing me is an imminent concern.

I write because: I want to create something, and creating is the closest thing to the point of an individual life I have found, right after spreading joy to others and taking advantage of opportunities to help others.

I write because: I care, and I hope through writing to find others that care too. 🐾

By radicoon

Internet Raccoon™️