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Hiking in a Pandemic

Despite going to the Boone / Blowing Rock area every year for the past few years, we were pretty hesitant this year. With face masks and caution, we ventured up for ~12 days and braved the crowds. With significant rain in the forecast starting at Day 4, we decided to liven it up by shooting a lot of video and trying to document what a weird year of hiking it was. Enjoy!

Trails Hiked

(In chronological order, adjusted for extra walking. Distance and elevation for each.)

  1. Bass Lake Loop (1mi, 20ft)
  2. Boone Fork Trail (5mi, 530ft)
  3. Sections of Tanawha Trail (2.3mi, 400ft)
  4. Flat Top Mountain Trail (5.4mi, 700ft)
  5. Greenway Trail Loop / Boone Sidewalks (4mi, 180ft)
  6. Trout Lake Loop (Long) (2.7mi, 300ft)
  7. Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center Loop (1.5mi, 150ft)
  8. Crabtree Falls Loop (2.6mi, 577ft)
  9. Cone Manor to Bass Lake Loop (Short) (4.4mi, 390ft)
  10. Trout Lake Loop (Short) (1.6mi, 70ft)
  11. Elk Knob Summit Trail (5mi, 1000ft)
  12. Cascades / Tompkins (2mi, 150ft)
  13. Green Knob Loop (2mi, 515ft)
  14. Raven Rock Trail (2.4mi, 560ft)
  15. Flat Rock Loop (1mi, 140ft)
  16. Sections of Tanawha Trail (2.3mi)
  17. Glen Burney Trail (3.4mi, 700ft)
  18. Linville Falls Overlook Trail (2.75mi, 500ft)
  19. Stone Mountain to Cedar Rock Trail Loop (8.3mi, 1700ft)
  20. Daniel Boone Scout Trail to Calloway Peak Loop (7.85mi, 2100ft)
  21. Bass Lake Loop (1mi, 20ft)


  • Miles hiked: ~75mi on trail, ~100mi walked total
  • Number of times stepped off trail to avoid non-masked hikers: 84
  • Number of snakes seen on trail: 3
  • Number of times shopped in Blowing Rock: 0
  • Number of college kids smoking on Rough Ridge at sunset: too many
  • Appropriate number of sausages for dinner: 3
  • Number of donuts Leeroy received: 0


  • Most annoying weather condition: rain
  • Three-time best french toast in Blowing Rock: fugasa @ Village Cafe
  • Best local drive-thru: Come Back Shack
  • Worst timing to be closed for two weeks: Capone’s Pizza
  • Biggest surprise: how cool the Glen Burney Trail is
  • Most thankful for: hiking poles
  • Worst choice of clothing: my hoodie in the rain
  • Dumbest idea that actually worked out: my resume video shoot
  • Hardest console to pre-order during a hike: Xbox Series X
  • Most popular food item for Leeroy to become: burrito
  • Strangest mystery: if Trout Lake has any trout

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