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Daylight Hours

Big changes, rich memories and a beautiful state. All footage is from Florida and captured on an iPhone or a Mavic Mini. Edited in Premiere as if commissioned to make a music video for the song.

I was very anxious about leaving Central FL, and when I’m anxious I tend to look for the nearest project to sink myself into. As we were packing, I saw this Mavic Mini drone I’d purchased just before the pandemic hit critical mass and decided, you know, I could make a movie about the area.

It allowed me to visit tons of places I hadn’t been to in years and places I’d never heard of. I mined my phone for videos from the area in the past decade. I saw friends new and old and even traveled with some for video shoots. The best part of making this little production was the purpose it gave me that provided the foundation for great times before I left.

I found this song thumbing through used CDs at the now-defunct Sanford flea market, “Flea World.” I’d known of Infusion from some old Ministry of Sound compilations and, of all things, the soundtrack for Burnout Revenge, but I was not ready for this mid-tracklist masterpiece when I popped it into my car stereo years ago. I’ve always wanted to make a production with it, and this opportunity felt perfect.

I’m not sure if this new adventure I’ve decided to go on will be the right move, but it’s better than sitting still. 🐾

Let’s venture forth into the unknown
Heads bursting with light blazing through the uncharted streets
Write our names fifty feet high in the minds of all the people we meet

Infusion, Daylight Hours

By radicoon

Internet Raccoon™️