Vapor: Halloween Mix (2006)

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The name ‘vapor’ refers to the surface of water, and in that respect, it’s because this mix is designed to fit on top of Flow. If you string the two together, they match key. This was made for Halloween 2006, and was played just like that (first, then on to Flow). I don’t like it as much as Flow (partially because it was rushed), but it’s still pretty good. Still much better than most of my mixes.

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Flow: Demo Mix 2006

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This mix had been a long time coming; with my newfound knowledge of harmonic mixing, track piece selection, and the equalizer marks, I created something I could finally be proud of. Pretty much every fade has something special in store for the listener, and the music is very atmospheric while having a lot of kick for dancing. It might not work as well for an actual dance, but for listening, it’s amazing.

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