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Review: Severed

PS Vita | 2016 | ★★★★☆

Just platinumed Severed, a fantastic little Vita game from DrinkBox Studios, the same team behind Guacamelee!.

It’s a dungeon-crawling Fruit Ninja with battle tactics and time management. It’s just about as close as you can get to a perfect fit for the Vita: 8-10 hours, unique art style, inventive mechanics, and just enough progression to make me want to keep playing.

It’s not a masterpiece; it can be a little boring, especially when you’re backtracking for missed secrets and map locations. But it’s hard to fault it for making the completionist in me waste a little time. It’s fantastic really, but closes up just when the fights are starting to get frantic and exciting.

Give me some DLC for this thing. And thanks for having the guts to do something different. Highly recommended.