Personal Yearly Updates


As is now tradition, here are 34 semi-random topics and thoughts after 34 years of life. I started writing this a couple days before my birthday (10/22) and, as the tradition states, I have to put it off and iterate on it needlessly for months before posting it. Thanks as always for reading!

Birthday: Sticking with what works, my celebration day was:

  • a 15 mile bike ride to and from breakfast at a rural diner,
  • a sprint of effort to finish a list of improvements to the new house before company,
  • a few hours of genuine Halo LAN,
  • and a fantastic, rich Italian dinner…
  • …finished off with a birthday cannoli.

I wouldn’t trade that Sunday for anything; thank you to all who made it memorable!

This Old House: Despite all of the drama surrounding the sale of our previous house, we accepted a similar offer in early October and closed on November 1st. Just like that, it was over—money in the bank and one less string attached to Central (and all of) Florida. We’re all moved in at the new rental, mostly settled, and reaping the rewards of downsizing.


Year 33 Status Report

Every year I get older, and every year I try to write a little about what I’ve learned, how my thinking’s changed, or what I’m looking forward to. I’ve been poking away at this and putting it off week after week, but I’m making sure to get this up before 2019. Onward!

Personal Yearly Updates

Surprise I’m 32

I recently turned 32 (October birthdays, woo!), so here are 32 stream-of-consciousness topics that came to me as I forced myself to write about 32 topics.