Dee En Es

Jordan: so, funny story; I just got sick of the name orderofpegasus.sdes. drafted an email to your team for a DNS request for order.sdes instead. on a hunch, I pinged it first and it resolved. realized I had asked for it like a year ago and forgot about it. So thank you, insightful Jordan of yesteryear

Matt: as you can see, we clean up DNS requests regularly


How I Roll At Work

GAP RSVP from Why is this website still on the internet 

Name: Why is this website still on the internet
Title: it hasn’t been updated in like a year
Dept: please someone let IT know if they can remove it
Office Phone: thank
Cell Phone: you

Personal Video Work

Enginehead: DJ Dr. Thunder (April Fools Video)

One day at the Sentinel, I pitched an idea for a joke video about my busted, old Civic for an April Fools joke. One weekend I took home one of the Canon’s and shot a bunch of ridiculous footage of me in aviators acting like a caricature of the typical interviewee in our weekly videos. I followed the workflow as closely as I could, creating a photo gallery, a video, a fact sheet, and a billboard image. Our marketing team got an ad buy from Honda to correspond with the video post, and we launched the video on April 1, 2008.

The video was shot with a Canon GL1 and captured and edited in Premiere Pro. Graphics within the video were created in Illustrator and Photoshop.