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DJ Mix: Cloudburst

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Mixing is becoming increasingly difficult for me. Part of it is due to the number of things I’m balancing (mixing, movie-making, full-time job, novel-writing, video games, and then of course all the other little things in life), but I think a large part is that I feel like I have to best myself; and I really hate it. I know that people love these things without me trying to go out and make the best thing ever. Just look at the star ratings. I gave Flow a six, highest so far, because it was an amazing breakthrough (my first harmonic mixing job). The two following have probably seemed just as good, if not better, to those of you that enjoy them. So why are they scored lower?

To me, Vapor seemed like just more of the same. Not so much better or worse, just more of the same. In that sense, it wasn’t a breakthrough, so I didn’t give it a six.

With Cloudburst, I tried hard to make something new. You’ll hear a lot of song mash-ups, cut effects, generally experimental stuff on my part. Did it work? It sounds better than I anticipated, but not really on the level that Flow just clicked. I still think it’s very enjoyable, very fun to listen through. In that regard, it gets a five.