FSL Database / Website

“Sorry I had to run out to meet with another student. The website you built looks amazing and is very user friendly. Thanks so much for working with Cristina and IKM to move this process forward. Much appreciated. Belinda” (Assistant Vice President)

Nice to hear after a good demo!

EDIT: Another!

“Good day all, I must co-sign on Mrs. Belinda’s words. Jordan has been awesome to work with and has brought to reality a system that will make our productivity more efficient with less human error. Those extended phone calls have been worth it, Jordan =) I am very happy we made it here together! Thank you.”


Webcam Web App

Testing mobile sites in the field!


Dee En Es

Jordan: so, funny story; I just got sick of the name orderofpegasus.sdes. drafted an email to your team for a DNS request for order.sdes instead. on a hunch, I pinged it first and it resolved. realized I had asked for it like a year ago and forgot about it. So thank you, insightful Jordan of yesteryear

Matt: as you can see, we clean up DNS requests regularly


How I Roll At Work

GAP RSVP from Why is this website still on the internet 

Name: Why is this website still on the internet
Title: it hasn’t been updated in like a year
Dept: please someone let IT know if they can remove it
Office Phone: thank
Cell Phone: you

Video Work

Ice Slide!

The sad part is that I was the only one from my team to slide =(